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Elijah Newton

Deliver Us Some Evil

It's our mission to deliver the best "professional" coverage of evil both old and new: true crime, serial killers, unsolved mysteries, aliens, conspiracies, cryptids, ghosts, cults, lolcows, the weird, the wonderful, and the wonderfully weird.

So crack a cold one and settle in while we tell you what's REALLY going on with all those pesky cannibals, little green men, killer clowns, and everything else that goes bump in the night.

Hosted by myself and my wife, Mel November Newton.

Join us every Monday morning for a brand-new episode. We also produce annual holiday specials and our political sister show DUSE After Dark whenever Mel finds the time to write a script.

Elijah Newton

Elijah was born too late to be a Viking berserker and too early for the zombie apocalypse (or maybe not). Either way, he's here to speak his mind, on paper, on the podcast, and in public whenever he dares venture outside. He lives in Albany, New York, with his wife Mel and their two cats.

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